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Providing the highest quality of care to your patients – and the ability to offer the latest and most cost-effective treatments – is critical to the long-term success of your practice. With the time constraints of operating a general dental practice, staying on the cutting edge of both techniques and technologies can be challenging – to say the least.

Dr. Grenier has focused his practice on state-of-the-art implant and periodontal procedures. Because you know your patients’ needs and history better than anyone, Dr. Grenier works with you to determine the best surgical treatment options and then provides the post-operative support that assures patient satisfaction.


Our practice is focused on implants and periodontal surgery. We do not offer general dentistry services or place the final prosthesis. In short, our success is determined by the quality and integrity of the clinicians we work with. Post-surgical support is both comprehensive and easy. Whether you just need a quick consultation, or a short-term instrument loan, we support you from start to finish.

Clinical Support

Because the implant instruments and techniques are constantly evolving, we provide our referring doctors with on-going technical support. Our comprehensive clinical support program includes:

  • Explaining prosthetic steps (case by case)
  • Lending prosthetic instruments
  • Helping you select and purchase components
  • Meeting with your staff
  • Providing you with training material
  • Following up after treatment

Our personalized service can also provide you with additional tools and training to help you learn new techniques and grow as a practice. Our component loan program offers access to the right piece of equipment when you need it. Once proficient with a particular instrument, we can help you decide if it should be part of your everyday practice.

Referral Form

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Referral Form